How to Measure Horizontal Distance Using AutoLevel Machine at Site

By | January 23, 2018

How to Measure Horizontal Distance Using AutoLevel Machine at Site

An Autolevel machine is a professional tool generally used for accurate levelling. It is also used for measuring Horizontal distance at site. The method used to find the horizontal distance is known as ‘Stadia Method’. The instrument must be used on a level surface for this method to work correctly. This Stadia range finding is good for locating topographic details such as rivers, fields, bridges, roads, and buildings.

horizontal distance using autolevel

To measure Horizontal Distance with the stadia measuring method, hold the staff rod so that it can be seen between the two stadia marks on the instrument’s reticle (as pictured). With the Stadia Surveying Instrument i.e Aotolevel Machine focused on the rod, read the measurement markings on the stadia rod shown between the two stadia markings.

stadia cross hair

Say Upper Stadia Hairs =  1.63 meter       and Lower Stadia Hairs = 1.27 meter

Now Difference between Upper Stadia and Lower Stadia = 1.63 – 1.27 = 0.36 meter

Now convert the 0.36 meter into cm i.e, 0.36 x 100 = 36 cm.

In Autolevel machine, the scale of difference of Upper Stadia and Lower Stadia is designed in such a manner that it says,

1 cm = 1 m

So, we can say The horizontal distance is 36 meter.




Here is Video by Learning Technology explaining full process of measuring horizontal distance using Autolevel at site in Hindi

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