Determination Of Liquid Limit Of Soil | Learning Technology

By | July 10, 2017


Determination Of Liquid Limit Of Soil | Learning Technology



IS 2720 (Part V) – Determination of Liquid Limit for fine grained soil.



1. Casagrande liquid limit device

2. Grooving tool “a” Casagrande tool and Grooving tool “b” (ASTM tool)

3. A flat large glass plate

4. Porcelain evaporating dish

5. Spatula

6. A wash bottle containing distilled water

7. Balances

8. 425 micron sieve

9. Thermostatically controlled oven to maintain temperature between 105 degree Celcius to 110 degree Celcius.

10. Drying cans for water content determination procedure



1. First of all a sample sieved through IS 425 sieve and weighing about 100 gm, is taken on the glass plate and thoroughly mixed with water, using the spatula, until the mass become a thick like same as homogeneous paste.

2. A portion of the paste is placed in the cup and levelled parallel to the base up to the maximum depth of 10 mm and a standard groove is made by drawing the grooving tool in single stroke along the symmetrical axis of the cup, holding the tool perpendicular to the cup at the point of the contact. By turning the crank at the rate of two revolutions per second, the cup is lifted and dropped, until the bottom of the groove is closed for a length of 12.5 mm. The number of blows at which this occurs is recorded.

3. About 10 gm of soil from near the closure of the groove are taken for water content determination.

4. By altering the water content of the soil and repeating steps (2 – 3), five water content determinations in the range of ten (10) to fifty (50) blows are made.

5. Therefore, a plot of water content against log of blows is made to draw the flow curve.

6. Finally, Liquid Limit is read from the flow curve as the water content at twenty five (25) blows.









No. of blows

Container No.

Container Weight + Wet soil in (gms)

Weight of container + Dry soil (gms)

Dry soil Weight (gms)

Water content (%)

Liquid Limit



Finally write your own experience from experiment.


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